How Should You Choose a Professional to Tackle Drainage Issues?

If you are experiencing drainage issues in your back yard, you know that this is a major problem that you need to address right away. With frightening warnings of West Nile virus caused by mosquitos attracted to stagnant water, you know that addressing the backyard drainage problem is a top safety priority. Of course, you also want to solve your drainage issues so you can actually enjoy your backyard space.

Unfortunately, drainage problems are something that can be difficult to deal with you as need to devise the right solution for your specific concerns. Drainage issues are not a DIY job and it is essential that you find a top-notch professional that can evaluate the cause of your drainage solutions and come up with a long-term solution that you can count on to make your yard dry. Knowing how to find a professional can seem daunting, but fortunately there are experts out there who will do a fantastic job in coming up with the right drainage solutions for you.

Finding a Professional to Handle Your Drainage Concerns

So, how do you find the right professional to handle your drainage concerns? Consider these factors:

• Does the company specifically specialize in drainage? You do not want a general contractor to deal with your drainage problems. You need a top-notch professional who has focused on drainage issues and who can do the work you need in a way that will last.
• Does the company offer different solutions? There are a variety of different ways to deal with drainage, from grading and landscape solutions to French drains. You want to find a company that offers a variety of different and sometimes innovative approaches so you can rest assured your drainage solution will be custom-tailored to the specific issue that you are having.
• Does the company have a positive rating with the Better Business Bureau? The BBB is a great source for details about consumer complaints and about experiences that customers have with businesses. Look for a company that has an A+ rating with the BBB to handle your drainage problems.
• Does the company have a positive reputation from past customers? It is important to select a professional drainage company that has been in business for a whole and that has proven itself to be competent in providing the type of help that customers need. Ideally, the company will have a track record of doing both residential and commercial projects so you can be confident that it can handle any size job. You should ask for references and read past reviews and testimonials to see if the company has provided good customer service and lasting solutions to troubling drainage issues.

By considering these factors and doing a little bit of research before you get your project underway, you can find the right drainage company to handle your drainage issues and you can come up with a long-term solution for your backyard drainage problems so you won’t have to worry any more about the health and safety of your family when they step out the door.


You Can Choose the Right Solution for Your Drainage Problems

Drainage problems are something that no homeowner ever wants to have to cope with. Unfortunately, if you have standing water in your backyard, you will need to find a solution so you do not put your home at risk of lasting damage and so you don’t put your health at risk from insects that are attracted by standing water.

Not all drainage solutions are created equal, and it is important to consider the different options that may work for you. In most cases, the best way to deal with your water problems is to consult with an experienced professional company that has a long history of helping homeowners with water problems.

Choosing the Right Solution for Drainage Issues

When choosing the right solution for your drainage problems, there are a number of different possible solutions that you can consider. Some of the different choices that you may have include:

• Drainage culverts
• Surface drains
• The creation of swells and contours
• Sump pumps
• Landscape drainage

You should look for a drainage company that offers these options and that can explain a wide range of different kinds of methods to alleviate water problems.  A company that uses different techniques to deal with water is going to be able to provide you with alternatives and explain the pros and cons of each. This will help to ensure that you get a solution that actually works well for your space.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Drainage Option

As you consider the different options that your drainage company is explaining to you as a possibility for your home, there are many different factors to think about when making the right choice. Some of the different things to think about as you choose from your drainage options include:

• Your budget. Some solutions can be much more costly than others.  The most expensive solution is not always the best solution, so weigh your choices taking price into account as just one factor.
• Your existing environment. Do you need to address excessive rainfall that occurs in your area? Is the soil quality in your home poor and does it contribute to drainage problems? Is your yard a magnet for leaves and debris? All of these things need to be accounted for and considered when planning a drainage solution.
• Preserving the beauty of your surrounding area. You don’t want your backyard to look unsightly just because you have a drainage issue that needs to be solved. Be sure to work with a professional company that can provide you with the right drainage solution that maintains the integrity of your landscape design and that keeps your backyard looking nice.

These are a few of the key factors that you should think about as you consider the different drainage options that could help you to solve your standing water problems in your back yard.   A professional company with extensive experience can help you to protect your property value and the aesthetics of your back yard while coming up with a long-term solution for standing water issues.

Landscape Drainage Is A Real Problem For Residential Properties

Soggy and saturated backyards and gardens are one of the nuisances that homeowners have to put up with. However, poor landscape drainage is more than just a nuisance. It could possible wreck severe damage to the house and surrounding grounds. Worst yet, this damage is often not easily visible and the homeowners are usually caught by surprise when the basement floods or the foundation develops long, visible cracks.

Once poor landscape drainage is suspected, home owners should start by asking three questions:

How big is the affect area?
How long the area remains wet?
What is the degree of wetness of the area?

Landscape drainage is among the tasks that homeowners often postpone either because of more pressing tasks or simply because the problem does not appear to be so severe. This is why, many landscape drainage contractors are contacted at the very last moment, when the wetness of the landscape actually starts to damage the foundation and below-ground structures of the property.

It’s not just the house that gets affected by poor landscape drainage. Your garden also gets hit by the water and moisture that is left standing on the grounds. Moisture encourages moulds and funguses to grow and this situation could escalate into a full blown pest problem very quickly. The most unsettling thing about this scenario is that moulds and mildew could invade the living quarters and cause allergies and related health issues.

Many homeowners tend to avoid the issue for a very different reason. Although they are well aware of the problems that water and moisture have caused to their property, they feel reluctant to call a landscape drainage expert. Any landscape drainage project will cause damage to the lawn and the landscape that have taken a lot of effort and time to materialize.

However, these fears are unfounded. The best thing to do is to hire an experienced landscape drainage firm for the job. These firms do not have the one-size-fit-all solutions for the problem. These firms try to accommodate the existing layout of the landscape into their proposal. This approach is minimally intrusive to the layout of the landscape.

Instead of tearing up everything in sight and creating unsightly mounds of dirt in your precious lawn, expert landscape drainage firms go low profile. They study the lay of the land carefully and work out a plan of action that could include laying of pipes underground or creating decorative dry bed creeks that sneak away the moisture and water while adding to the aesthetics of the landscape.

If the area is too large or too wet, landscape drainage experts recommend a system of channels and drains to move the water out of the area and into your local sewer system. In several cases, these projects take the form of embedded below-ground pipes and above ground channels.

Landscape drainage is a task that should not be put off until the damage has been dealt to your property. Act before water and moisture could damage your house and increase repair costs.

Benefits of Installing a Drain in Basement

The key benefit of setting up a Dallas drain in basement is for protection against flooding. Standing water within the subterranean vault is a serious threat and if not dealt in time can be quite expensive. Such basements that encounter flood or inferior drainage commonly use sump pumps for removing surplus water. For a more better and effective outcome, you should install a French drain with a sump for maximum defense. It allows the water to draw off via pipes running below the floors.

An Overview

This releases the water before it can flood the basement, also reducing hydrostatic pressure from the walls which can corrode the entire waterproofing systems. French drains consist of pipes having tiny holes drilled within them, placed safely in a bed of gravel. These are often installed outside of a basement ensuring that all the water dries away from a home before seeping in. Exterior drains may become clog thus it is necessary to keep them clean and maintained over time.


When outdoor drain system fails to keep a cellar dry, now would be a time to install a Dallas drain. Begin with getting in touch with a contractor who is a professional in such type of job. A trough is cut through the concrete flooring, inside the walls of basement. Then, a pipe having drain holes is positioned in this trench, further connected to single or multiple sumps.
How it Works

Once installed, the water which would have leaked via inlet joints at the base will surge directly into the trench underneath the floor. This water will flow towards the sump pump which will direct it away safely. The latest design in French drain includes the use of battery which operates even if the power runs out and they are known to handle a great amount of water, hence installing these would be a real bargain. In areas where chances of flood after heavy rain and storm are maximized, it is recommended to have battery operated drain mechanism.

The Advantages

Houses that are built at the base of hill or near seaside where humidity and moisture is in abundance mostly have French drain installed. It prevents seepage which would have resulted in the growth of mold, mildew and a nesting ground for insects. Aside this, you will have a choice as where to put up the drain pipe according to your convenience.

Think Economical

As compared to other drainage systems, French drain is fairly inexpensive however this benefit may be a source of loss if you use inferior quality material while installation. Therefore, acquire service of a professional and invest wisely one time.

Time Efficient

It will take only a couple of days to install a Dallas drain if a professional is assigned the task. Meanwhile, other type of systems may take weeks or even longer, further ruining your basement or yard.

To prevent your house from a certain damage as a result of torrential downpour and flood, have a French drain installed today!

A Step by Step Guide for Installing Residential Yard Drainage Systems

Everyone dreams to have a modest home with all the latest features and a beautiful, lush garden where you can sit back and relax. Having a lawn in your home requires proper care and cleaning as constantly soggy yard will not doll up all the grass but is a dwelling for mold, mildew and moss. Whether you have never cleaned up your garden before or it has corroded with time, do not feel depressed as there is still a way you can make it livelier again. Simply install yard drainage system and get rid of all the clamminess out of the grass.

You must be thinking that the process of installing lawn drainage is quite a hectic task! Well, follow the steps provided below and witness how easy it is to do so.

– Scrutinize your lawn thoroughly and look for places where water retains in profusion. The best time for inspection is after an hour of rain.
– Upon location, mark the spot with help of a pointed rock at least three to six feet away from the wet grass. You should walk in two separate directions from the point where water is residing and mark both.
– Dig a hole which is three feet deep and one foot wide on the marked locations. Scrape of all the turf prior digging.
– Burrow about two inches deep below the grass ensuring that all the roots are also scooped out along with some soil. This will help the grass to survive when placing it back again.
– First, scrape out the grass surface, starting from the center point and working all the way to the two marked holes. Prepare a line which is least one foot wide and continue the same procedure for other marked spots.
– Exhume the soil with each line to a depth of 10 inches for the formation of trenches.
– Pull out more soil from the ditch, making a slope directly from the wet area to the yard drainage holes.
– For every four feet, ensure that the slope drops down one quarter. For affirmation, check with a four feet leveler.
– Apply at least two inches of sand and gravel mix at the bottom of the channel. It will allow for a smooth flow of water in a way that sand fills in larger gaps. Soil will not be able to work its way within the area.
– Insert a pierced pipe which is of four inches in diameter down into the trench. Slide away all the debris, assuring that nothing clog the holes.
– Cover the sides with more sand and gravel mixture.
– Put the sod that you extracted earlier back over the sand.

List of Stuff you Will Need

– Shovel
– Pack of sand and gravel mix from a gardening store
– Four inch in diameter, pricked pipe

Now you can make your garden look more vibrant and lively than ever. So what are you waiting for, install a yard drainage system today.

Top Reasons to Solve Your Backyard Drainage Issues


If you have standing water in your backyard area, this is a problem that you need to solve.  Resolving drainage issues should be a top priority for a lot of important reasons.  

Why You Need to Solve Your Backyard Drainage Issues

As a homeowner, sometimes it is difficult to prioritize which projects and improvements need to be done right away. Backyard drainage issues are something that you need to address and that you should not wait to handle.

Here are a few key reasons why you need to solve the drainage problems in your backyard:

• Standing water attracts insects. Mosquitos and other insects are all attracted to standing water in your outdoor space.  Unfortunately, these bugs can destroy your enjoyment of your yard since no one wants to be outside and getting bit by mosquitos all the time.  Not only that, but mosquitos and other insects can carry serious diseases including the West Nile Virus. Leaving standing water around your home can compromise your health and it is simply a risk that you should not take.
• Standing water and other drainage problems can ruin your landscaping. When you have invested money in nice landscaping or an attractive lawn, having drainage issues can ruin your efforts and cause your investment to be nothing more than a waste. You don’t want to have landscape issues because of the excess water that doesn’t drain properly in your yard.
• Standing water and other drainage issues can make your outdoor space unusable.  Kids and pets love to play in the backyard, and you may enjoy the outdoor space as well for gardening or simply sitting in the sun. If your backyard is a muddy, sloppy mess, then your space is not going to be a comfortable place to be and no one is going to be able to enjoy the outdoors. By solving your drainage problems, you can keep your space functional.
• Standing water and drainage problems can cause erosion and other more serious problems. Perhaps one of the biggest reasons to solve your backyard drainage issues is that things can become much worse if you do not act promptly to deal with the problem.  When you allow standing water and drainage problems to persist, erosion and damage to the yard can occur. It can become much more expensive to solve these problems if they have lingered for a long time.  If the issue with the drainage problem is close to your home, even the foundation of your house could be affected and you could start to get water in the basement.
• Drainage problems can reduce the value of your home. If you end up needing to sell your home, you could have a problem because potential buyers are not going to want to buy a house with serious drainage issues.

These are just some of the many reasons why you need to be proactive in solving drainage problems. Professionals can help you to find the right solution that makes sense for your yard and home.

Drainage Should Be Paid Close Attention To


In nature, water can slowly but surely wear down some of the hardest rocks and minerals in its pathway. The same rule is pretty relevant to the homes and buildings, but the end result can be much more expensive and harmful. When building foundations are exposed to a great deal of water, they can become severely damaged and, in a number of cases, beyond repair. Drainage correction is exceptionally essential to shielding foundations and the buildings they support from unneeded water. The goal is simple remove the excessive water from the foundation or when constructing your house make sure you build a drainage system that can cater to the unwanted water.

The benefits of a professionally put in drainage system are pretty self evident. Sudden heavy showers or constant rain in a very short time can add to the overflow of water in and around your house.  At Advantage Drainage our professional drainage technicians have many years of extensive experience and know how helping owners put off flooding and water damage.
An appropriately designed and build drainage system provides the following advantages:
• Prevents soil erosion in and around the foundation
• Prevents water from standing which causes slippery surfaces
• Prevents mosquito infestation
• Protects plants and trees and helps them flourish
• Prevents your landscape from drowning

These benefits put emphasis on the importance of why proper Drainage in Dallas.
In putting your drainage system into operation we scientifically evaluate:

• Determine where surplus water is coming from
• How soon the water should be dried to avoid flooding
• Whether a sump pump or gravity is required to discourse the flow of water
• Find out if the drains should be installed at or below the grade
• What kind of drain will be most useful

For inventive, class-leading systems that cover the entire range of drainage, you have come to the right place. With first-class, fully proficient workforce you will soon find that we take our work very seriously. We can always accommodate your complaints and offer the most ideal solution there is to help you get rid of your problem as soon as possible.

We use the latest technology, tools and systems and our materials are sourced directly to achieve the best possible prices. Our team is well trained and assessed on a regular basis and monitored to ensure precision in work. It is our policy to continually move forward and advance the skills of our team. Our work practices act in accordance with to every safety and environmental standard.

Don’t let Dallas weather ruin your landscape or your house just give us a call for all your drainage and irrigation services today.