More Rain Means More Drainage Trouble

This summer in Texas has proven to be much wetter than usual, with not just more frequent rains but also heavy rains as well. Unfortunately, all of this excess water has created a situation where homeowners coping with drainage issues are facing more problems as a result of the excess water. When it rains repeatedly and you have drainage problems, those problems can become compounded and can create a big mess in your yard and home.

Resolve Your Drainage Issues Today

When there is a lot of rain as there has been this summer in Texas, the water may not have time to drain before the next storm comes through. If you already had standing water in your yard as a result of drainage issues, then the situation is likely to get much worse and you are likely to have a lot more standing water as a result.  If you did not have standing water but just had drainage issues, then it is likely that standing water will form and linger around your home.

Having standing water in your yard is a major problem and not just because it can make your yard an unsightly mess. The big issue with standing water in your yard is that it can be a draw for mosquitoes and other insects. Mosquitos carry disease, including the West Nile virus, heartworm for dogs, and a host of other serious health risks.  You do not want to make your house a breeding ground for any type of insects and standing water does exactly that.

In addition to the problems of added standing water due to more rain in Texas this summer, you’ll also have worsening erosion in your yard. If your yard is not draining properly and you have water problems and drainage issuesImage, the soil can be washed away and you can end up with serious erosion issues on banked and sloped areas. This can affect both the front and back yard, in any location where there are drainage problems in existence and where you have a sloped or hilled area. Too much erosion can result in your sloped areas becoming steeper and in your yard area becoming unsafe.

Excess water lingering in your yard can also affect the inside of your house as well. This goes beyond just dragging mud into the house that you get on your feet as you walk across your soppy wet yard. When the yard is very wet, especially on an ongoing basis, some of this water can start to seep into the basement and create water and mold problems in your home.

Make Drainage Solutions Your Priority

Avoiding all of these drainage problems should be an absolute top priority and with the added rain this summer, the issue of bad drainage in the yard has become an even more pressing problem. Do not hesitate to find a drainage professional who can offer you information on the different options available to you for dealing with your drainage issues and who can help you to resolve those issues in an effective manner.

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