A Step by Step Guide for Installing Residential Yard Drainage Systems

Everyone dreams to have a modest home with all the latest features and a beautiful, lush garden where you can sit back and relax. Having a lawn in your home requires proper care and cleaning as constantly soggy yard will not doll up all the grass but is a dwelling for mold, mildew and moss. Whether you have never cleaned up your garden before or it has corroded with time, do not feel depressed as there is still a way you can make it livelier again. Simply install yard drainage system and get rid of all the clamminess out of the grass.

You must be thinking that the process of installing lawn drainage is quite a hectic task! Well, follow the steps provided below and witness how easy it is to do so.

– Scrutinize your lawn thoroughly and look for places where water retains in profusion. The best time for inspection is after an hour of rain.
– Upon location, mark the spot with help of a pointed rock at least three to six feet away from the wet grass. You should walk in two separate directions from the point where water is residing and mark both.
– Dig a hole which is three feet deep and one foot wide on the marked locations. Scrape of all the turf prior digging.
– Burrow about two inches deep below the grass ensuring that all the roots are also scooped out along with some soil. This will help the grass to survive when placing it back again.
– First, scrape out the grass surface, starting from the center point and working all the way to the two marked holes. Prepare a line which is least one foot wide and continue the same procedure for other marked spots.
– Exhume the soil with each line to a depth of 10 inches for the formation of trenches.
– Pull out more soil from the ditch, making a slope directly from the wet area to the yard drainage holes.
– For every four feet, ensure that the slope drops down one quarter. For affirmation, check with a four feet leveler.
– Apply at least two inches of sand and gravel mix at the bottom of the channel. It will allow for a smooth flow of water in a way that sand fills in larger gaps. Soil will not be able to work its way within the area.
– Insert a pierced pipe which is of four inches in diameter down into the trench. Slide away all the debris, assuring that nothing clog the holes.
– Cover the sides with more sand and gravel mixture.
– Put the sod that you extracted earlier back over the sand.

List of Stuff you Will Need

– Shovel
– Pack of sand and gravel mix from a gardening store
– Four inch in diameter, pricked pipe

Now you can make your garden look more vibrant and lively than ever. So what are you waiting for, install a yard drainage system today.


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