Benefits of Installing a Drain in Basement

The key benefit of setting up a Dallas drain in basement is for protection against flooding. Standing water within the subterranean vault is a serious threat and if not dealt in time can be quite expensive. Such basements that encounter flood or inferior drainage commonly use sump pumps for removing surplus water. For a more better and effective outcome, you should install a French drain with a sump for maximum defense. It allows the water to draw off via pipes running below the floors.

An Overview

This releases the water before it can flood the basement, also reducing hydrostatic pressure from the walls which can corrode the entire waterproofing systems. French drains consist of pipes having tiny holes drilled within them, placed safely in a bed of gravel. These are often installed outside of a basement ensuring that all the water dries away from a home before seeping in. Exterior drains may become clog thus it is necessary to keep them clean and maintained over time.


When outdoor drain system fails to keep a cellar dry, now would be a time to install a Dallas drain. Begin with getting in touch with a contractor who is a professional in such type of job. A trough is cut through the concrete flooring, inside the walls of basement. Then, a pipe having drain holes is positioned in this trench, further connected to single or multiple sumps.
How it Works

Once installed, the water which would have leaked via inlet joints at the base will surge directly into the trench underneath the floor. This water will flow towards the sump pump which will direct it away safely. The latest design in French drain includes the use of battery which operates even if the power runs out and they are known to handle a great amount of water, hence installing these would be a real bargain. In areas where chances of flood after heavy rain and storm are maximized, it is recommended to have battery operated drain mechanism.

The Advantages

Houses that are built at the base of hill or near seaside where humidity and moisture is in abundance mostly have French drain installed. It prevents seepage which would have resulted in the growth of mold, mildew and a nesting ground for insects. Aside this, you will have a choice as where to put up the drain pipe according to your convenience.

Think Economical

As compared to other drainage systems, French drain is fairly inexpensive however this benefit may be a source of loss if you use inferior quality material while installation. Therefore, acquire service of a professional and invest wisely one time.

Time Efficient

It will take only a couple of days to install a Dallas drain if a professional is assigned the task. Meanwhile, other type of systems may take weeks or even longer, further ruining your basement or yard.

To prevent your house from a certain damage as a result of torrential downpour and flood, have a French drain installed today!



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