Landscape Drainage Is A Real Problem For Residential Properties

Soggy and saturated backyards and gardens are one of the nuisances that homeowners have to put up with. However, poor landscape drainage is more than just a nuisance. It could possible wreck severe damage to the house and surrounding grounds. Worst yet, this damage is often not easily visible and the homeowners are usually caught by surprise when the basement floods or the foundation develops long, visible cracks.

Once poor landscape drainage is suspected, home owners should start by asking three questions:

How big is the affect area?
How long the area remains wet?
What is the degree of wetness of the area?

Landscape drainage is among the tasks that homeowners often postpone either because of more pressing tasks or simply because the problem does not appear to be so severe. This is why, many landscape drainage contractors are contacted at the very last moment, when the wetness of the landscape actually starts to damage the foundation and below-ground structures of the property.

It’s not just the house that gets affected by poor landscape drainage. Your garden also gets hit by the water and moisture that is left standing on the grounds. Moisture encourages moulds and funguses to grow and this situation could escalate into a full blown pest problem very quickly. The most unsettling thing about this scenario is that moulds and mildew could invade the living quarters and cause allergies and related health issues.

Many homeowners tend to avoid the issue for a very different reason. Although they are well aware of the problems that water and moisture have caused to their property, they feel reluctant to call a landscape drainage expert. Any landscape drainage project will cause damage to the lawn and the landscape that have taken a lot of effort and time to materialize.

However, these fears are unfounded. The best thing to do is to hire an experienced landscape drainage firm for the job. These firms do not have the one-size-fit-all solutions for the problem. These firms try to accommodate the existing layout of the landscape into their proposal. This approach is minimally intrusive to the layout of the landscape.

Instead of tearing up everything in sight and creating unsightly mounds of dirt in your precious lawn, expert landscape drainage firms go low profile. They study the lay of the land carefully and work out a plan of action that could include laying of pipes underground or creating decorative dry bed creeks that sneak away the moisture and water while adding to the aesthetics of the landscape.

If the area is too large or too wet, landscape drainage experts recommend a system of channels and drains to move the water out of the area and into your local sewer system. In several cases, these projects take the form of embedded below-ground pipes and above ground channels.

Landscape drainage is a task that should not be put off until the damage has been dealt to your property. Act before water and moisture could damage your house and increase repair costs.



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